2014 3CR Rules

2014 3CR Rules and Regulations

The California Central Coast Randonnée (3CR) is organized under the auspices of the Randonneurs Mondiaux (1200k), the Audax Club Parisien (1000k), and Randonneurs USA.

  • 3CR entrants can use only bicycles or other machines that are solely human powered.
  • Riders can take the draft of other cyclists entered in the 1000 km or 1200 km 3CR events. Taking the draft of any other cyclists during the event is forbidden.
  • No individual rider support is allowed except when the personal support crew meets their rider directly at the controls. Any 3CR participant(s) found getting personal support in-between the controls will be immediately disqualified. Riders using personal support must declare that before the start.
  • All 3CR riders must have a front headlamp/lighting system with a beam white in color and clearly visible from a distance of 150 yards to oncoming traffic. The front headlamp/lighting system must remain affixed to the bicycle for the duration of the event. A complete back-up front headlamp/lighting system must be carried too. It is recommended riders also use a helmet-mounted lamp or bring a small flashlight to help them see at night while doing repairs, making a pit stop in the bushes, reading a map, looking at road signs, etc.
  • All 3CR riders must have a rear taillight/lighting system that remains affixed to the bicycle for the duration of the event. A complete back-up rear taillight/lighting system must be carried too. Rear taillights must be aimed directly at road-users approaching from behind, not angled upward at low-flying aircraft. The flashing mode may be used, but be aware that this can bother other cyclists following you.
  • All 3CR riders must wear an EN-1150 reflective vest or jacket that meets the 2011 PBP reflectivity standard when cycling at night or other periods of fog or low-light. Please take a look at RUSA's Guide to Reflective Gear. Examples of suitable vests can also be found at Mavic or the RUSA Store. Its reflective material must be readily visible on the front, back, and sides of the rider's torso/shoulders. If a hydration system or knapsack is worn over the vest/jacket, some method of having additional reflective material must be affixed to take the place of the reflective material of the vest that has been covered. Supplemental reflective material put onto hydration systems/knapsacks is not required to meet EN-1150 standards (but is strongly recommended.)
  • 3CR riders must wear reflective ankle bands at night or other low-light conditions.
  • Recumbent riders may adapt the above reflective safety requirements with alternative positions to modify their reflective material so that it will be easily seen from all directions by other road users.
  • All 3CR riders must wear an approved helmet while cycling during the event.
  • Entrants with reflective safety gear or bicycles not complying with these requirements will not be allowed to start. 3CR riders seen cycling without an approved helmet will be immediately disqualified.
  • All 3CR participants will be courteous and respectful of all event officials and volunteers, and follow local customs of decorum. Riders not doing this risk receiving time penalties and/or disqualification from the event.
  • Unless noted specifically above, other situations are covered by RUSA's Rules for Riders.