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Participation in our events is by pre-registration only. We do not accept any "day of" entries. Materials must be produced for each entrant so you must plan ahead if you'd like to ride with us; NO LATE ENTRIES are accepted. Santa Cruz Randonneurs reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone.

  • No entry fee refunds are issued. If you notify us before the entry deadline of your event, we will gladly apply your entry fee toward a future event. Otherwise, absolutely no refunds for "no shows", bad luck, or late cancellations.

  • You may complete your Brevet Entries by paper or PAPERLESS PAYPAL:

    • BY PAYPAL (payment must be received by 8 P.M. Wednesday before the ride) - Please add home address, home phone, email address and emergency phone along with RUSA # to special instructions for all entrants

        Name of drop-down menu
        Emergency Phone and RUSA #

    • BY PAPER (Must be postmarked by Saturday before the ride):

  • Please note that Permanents Entries must be received two weeks in advance. Specific questions about Permanents should be addressed to Bill Bryant. To complete your Permanent Registration:

    • Fill out the Permanents Registration Form or the Permanent Populaires Registration Form and mail to Bill Bryant.
    • Print, sign and mail the Liability Release with each registration form.
    • You may pay the entry fee by check or PayPal.

      • Select your 200k+ Permanent here if using Paypal:
        Date and Time

      • Select your 100k-199k Permanent Populaire here if using Paypal:
        Populaire Entry 100-199k
        Date and Time

    • Mail entry form and signed liability waiver to Bill Bryant.

  • Contact us if you have any questions or problems using the online materials and we'll help you.

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