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2016 Dart

  • Who: Randonneurs and Randonneuses ready to ride 8 or 13.5 hours as a team.

  • What: The Dart is an event for teams with 3 to 5 members (Tandems count as one member). At least 3 members must finish together to get ride credit. No individual entries are allowed (If you want to be slotted onto an existing team, contact the ride coordinator). A minimum distance must be covered in a specified number of hours. A road cannot be ridden more than once (no out-and-back route sections). Two Dart events are offered:

    • An 8-hour ride that covers a minimum of 120 kms with a finish time of 19:00; for those pursuing a P-12 or interested in a shorter ride. Start time: 11:00; lights are HIGHLY recommended since the finish is at sunset and it will be dark after dinner as you make your way home.

    • A 13.5-hour ride that covers a minimum of 200 kms with a finish time between 19:00 and 20:00, for those pursuing an R-12; riders will needs lights and reflective gear (see table below.) Start time: 05:30 or 06:30 depending on finish time.

  • When: Saturday, September 10, 2016.

  • Where: The finish is at the San Pedro Square Market in San Jose located at 87 North San Pedro Street.

    • Teams start from the location of their choice, and then fly "like darts toward the bulls eye" to downtown San Jose. Hopefully all teams will converge at San Pedro Square Market in San Jose on Saturday evening between 7:30 and 8:00 PM.


  • Why: Because it's fun! No matter the team's pace, a successful Dart is all about camaraderie and working together.

  • How: Read about riding a successful team event in your RUSA handbook, and on these pages on the RUSA web site:

    Think about a point-to-point route at least 120 or 200 kms in length. It should have a town at least 25 kms from San Jose to obtain a store/café/business receipt. You'll need to ride 25 km during the last two hours of the event.

    Entries are due by September 1st. Any entries received after that will be returned unprocessed.

    All teams need a designated captain who will handle the team's entry and subsequent paperwork. Please submit your Dart Entry Form in one package; the captain ensures that each rider signs the liability waiver, and that the entry fee is included.

    Each team's entry will need to include a highlighted map that shows their proposed route, as well as an itinerary with estimated arrival times. Controls (store receipts) should be at least every 100 kms, and any major route turns should have a control to prevent shortcuts.

  • Things to know: Get a team together ASAP!

    • Name your team! Make it fun, but keep it in good taste.

    • Teams must arrange for their own transportation home after the finish. The San Jose train station is about 6 minutes by car. A few more by bicycle.

    • Time Table: 10 September 2016 Pacific Daylight Time
      • Begin civil twilight: 06:26
      • Sunrise: 06:20
      • Sunset: 19:13

  • Event Coordinator: Deb Banks PO Box 19191, Sacramento, CA 95819 Ph: 720-933-1252 Contact Deb if you have any questions.

  • To complete your team's registration:

    1. Prepare your proposed route map and itinerary.

    2. Fill out the Dart Entry Form.

    3. Print, have all of your teammates sign, and then mail the Liability Release with your route plan.

    4. Pay the $25 team entry fee using the PayPal link below:

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