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2018 3CR Entry Information

Qualification Requirements:

  • 200k, 300k, 400k, 600k ACP or RUSA brevets during 2018
  • A successful 1200k or longer RM grand randonnée during 2017
  • 3 double-century events and a 600k ACP/RUSA brevet during 2018

  • All qualifying events must be completed by August 12, 2018

    Entry Notes:

  • Qualifying events can be done out of order (e.g. 200k, 400k, 300k, 600k)
  • Longer events can be substituted for shorter qualifying events (e.g. a second 600k can take the place of a missing 400k; a RUSA 250 km brevet can take the place of the 200k brevet, etc.)
  • Riders shall declare which 3CR event they are doing at time of entry; no switching allowed after August 12.

    Entry & Qualifying: You may enter the 3CR before qualifying. If you have not yet qualified, note this on your application, and give us the details when you complete your events. If you have not qualified by the August 12 deadline, or made special arrangements with us, your spot will be freed and you will be issued an entry refund. (See Cancellation section below.)

    Register Now

    Field Limit:
    100 total riders, 1200k & 1000k events combined
    (Workers' ride participants are not included in the field limit.)

    Entry Information:
    Entry is now open and is first come, first served. You do not need to be qualified in order to enter. When your application and payment has been received and processed, you will be put onto the on-line Confirmed rider list. When the confirmed rider list is full at 100 participants, successive entrants will be put on the Wait list. Roster

    You may pay via PayPal. The 1200k brevet entry is $225 USD; the 1000k brevet entry is $200 USD. If you prefer to pay by check, please note there is an additional $25 handling fee.

    The entry fee includes event registration, simple food and drink at the Pinnacles, Peach Tree/Indian Valley and Arroyo Seco controls, bag drop service, post-ride meal, and finisher's medal. Riders are responsible for their own food, lodging, transportation, and other incidentals. Enter now

    Please note:
    Riders planning on volunteering at the 3CR may do the worker's ride August 12-15. Only persons who are actually working at the 3CR August 26-29 will be allowed to enter the worker's ride. The worker's ride entry fee is $50 USD and will include bag drops in Morro Bay, Paso Robles and Santa Cruz and limited support along the route. Enter now

    Entry Deadlines and Cancellation Policy:
    You may cancel your 3CR entry by notifying us and receive a full refund if you are on the Waiting list, or a partial refund if you are on the Confirmed rider list.

    • Preliminary policy for confirmed riders (subject to change):
    • Before June 1: full refund minus $25
    • Before July 1: full refund minus $50
    • Before July 30: 50% refund
    • After July 30: no refund
    • If entering after July 30, please add a $100 late fee
    • No entries will be accepted after August 12.

    The California Central Coast Randonnée traverses several remote wilderness regions with few route options. Though unlikely, wildfires or landslides could unexpectedly close the route. The Santa Cruz Randonneurs will make every effort to develop safe route alternatives and hold the event, but they cannot accept any responsibility if authorities should close the 3CR route and no alternatives can be found in time to re-route the event. In the event of 3CR cancellation, entry refunds cannot be guaranteed, nor can the Santa Cruz Randonneurs be responsible for any other expenses incurred by participants.

  • Revised: January 8, 2018 © Copyright 2003-2018 Santa Cruz Randonneurs, Inc. except as noted otherwise.